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"Baptism" of the book

In the Czech Republic (perhaps also in other countries) we have a special custom - when a new book is published, there is an event that we call "baptism of the book" (křest). It's a party where the author, the "godfather" (mostly another well-known person - the author's friend) and, of course, author's friends and people from the public are present, and the book is really "christened" - with wine or champagne poured over it. It also happens when a famous music group releases a new CD. In the case of my book, the "godfather" was Steen Rasmussen (one of the founders of the field of artificial life) and the book was christened with beer "Lachout" from the brewery of the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague, where the book launch took place. Funny - because Steen never knew about book christening, he put the christening liquid (beer) on my forehead as well :-D


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