Call for Art & Vizualizations

Deadline: 25 April, 2021

The ALIFE 2021 Organizing Committee cordially invites you to submit your work to the Virtual 2021 Conference on Artificial Life (ALIFE 2021), 19-23 July 2021.

Call for Artists, Roboticists, and Researchers with cool visualizations and cutting-edge art

You are invited to submit your work for consideration in the 2021 ALIFE conference art exhibition. 

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, ALIFE 2021 is a virtual conference. In accordance, we are designing an online experience for this year’s virtual conference gallery. Digital, as well as Two and Three-dimensional physical art will be considered, but due to the virtual nature of the conference, only still images and video will be on display.

For this edition of the conference on artificial life the special theme is "Robots: The century past and the century ahead".


We will be giving award in “ALIFE 2021 Art Award” category, as well as a people’s choice award. There will be a special award related to the theme ALIFE & ROBOTS.

(Image on the right side is used with the courtesy of Karel Čapek's Memorial).


Submission Process

Artists should submit a short (1/2 to 2-page) abstract explaining their work through the art submission form until April 25. They should also specify how their work is related to artificial life, artificial intelligence, robots and/or R.U.R.


Featured Artists

In addition to our contributed art submissions, we will also feature a selected set of artists in our virtual conference gallery. To be considered as a featured artist please specify this in the submission form. Featured artists will be asked to provide a 5-minute video explaining their work and to attend a virtual art gallery session during the conference.

Art Scholarship

We will have a limited number of art scholarships available, please submit a motivation letter via the submission form if you have no funding to pay the conference fee. (Students should apply for Student Conference Scholarship until April 30).

Contact email for queries:

(please start the subject of your email by [CALL FOR ART])

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