ALIFE 2021

Conference on Artificial Life


July 2021,  Prague, Czech Republic


About ALIFE 2021

The ALIFE conferences are the major meetings of the artificial life research community since 1987. These scientific gatherings are supported by the International Society for Artificial Life (ISAL).

We will organize ALIFE 2021 in Prague in the Czech Republic in July 2021 (date TBA).

The conference theme will be

Robots: The century past and the century ahead.

The world-wide used word "robot" comes from Czech. It was first used to depict a fictional humanoid in Czech writer Karel Čapek’s play R.U.R. Although the play is almost one hundred years old it opens many contemporary questions and many of them are related to artificial life research. It will be great to celebrate this anniversary with artificial life community in Czech Republic!

ALIFE 2021 will be a hybrid conference on artificial life. It will be a combination of  a "live" in-person event in Prague with a "virtual" online component.

We hope to create opportunities for all people interested in artificial life to attend our ALIFE 2021 conference. We are looking forward to the return to the traditional conference enabling social gathering.  On the other side, hybrid format will enable remote participation by people who might be unable to attend physically due to travel, through a wish to reduce the carbon footprint of the event or because of other constraints.


Organizing Committee


General Chair

Jitka Čejková

Associate Professor at University of Chemistry and Technology Prague,

Czech Republic



Tomáš Mikolov

Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics (CIIRC),

Prague, Czech Republic


Program Committee Chair



Harold Fellermann

Adam Stanton

Olaf Witkowski

The list is continuously updated. Contact us if you want to join our team of organizers of ALIFE 2021.



ALIFE 2021 will be held on in Campus Dejvice in Prague, namely at University of Chemistry and Technology Prague and National Library of Technology (NTK).


Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. Prague with its rich history is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Central Europe.

exterier 3.jpg

Besides R.U.R. story, there are several legends related to artifical life. The special guided tour focusing on Prague mysterious stories will be offered to ALIFE participants (e.g. Jewish Golem - animated being created entirely from inanimate matter, The Metamorphosis - the work of Franz Kafka).


Sponsorship Opportunities


The organizers of ALIFE warmly welcome corporate, institutional, and philanthropic sponsors. Sponsorships are a fantastic opportunity for companies and institutions to have a presence at the premier conference on Artificial Life. A sponsorship at ALIFE 2021 provides a rare opportunity for institutions to interact with leading scientific minds in this pivotal field, to raise awareness of your institution, to network and create meaningful new collaborations, and to access a large high-quality talent pool of possible future employees. This will also give you the opportunity to support the development of a novel real&virtual conference experience.

Your generous support will provide general support for the conference with the funds being utilized for the overall success of ALife 2021.

We will outline sponsorship opportunities soon, however we are happy to work with sponsors to make sure the sponsorship meets your organizational goals.

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